Anne Sullivan School

The DOE develops tools to help families and educators understand student achievement and school quality. The reports on this page provide information about school quality from multiple sources.

These sources include feedback from students, teachers, and parents. Reports also include information from formal school visits and a variety of student achievement metrics. I was always impressed with the outdoor environment that nurtured the children’s sense of exploration and play. In the classroom, they encourage creativity and imaginative growth, while also advancing academic knowledge. They create a safe space for children to learn, grow, and interact with each other.

Extra Curricular Programs

Anne Sullivan Preschool & Kindergarten offers full- and half-day preschool programs, as well as full-day kindergarten and transitional kindergarten (T-K). Our NAEYC-accredited program not only provides the Kindergarten curriculum to set your child up for academic success, but the foundation for lifelong learning.

Anne Sullivan Elementary

There is a dual-language program available in Spanish which offers instruction in both English and the target language, and is designed to make children fluent in both. Some seats in this program may be reserved for children who speak Spanish but English speaking children are welcome to apply. In the Pre-K classes, teachers ask children questions, invite back-and-forth conversation to develop language skills, mutual respect and promote positive social interactions. The principal has been leading this school since 2004.

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